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MENSHINE Technology: Organize the employees to have physical examination to construct a

2015/9/2    点击量:2645

In order to guarantee employees’ physical health, create good work and living environment, improves employees’ welfare guarantee, Dynavolt  Technology and Fujian Donglibao undertook comprehensive physical examinations for the whole staff from September 1 to September 2, paid the expenses for employees’ health and built a “protecting wall” for employee’s health.
Dynavolt Technology has consistently upheld humanistic care, people orientation and unswervingly taken the care for employees’ health as an important work content. It not only practically implements new employees’ orientation health examination, but also periodically organizes employees to undertake occupational Health physical examination per year, effectively realizes the loving care for employees and promotes common sound development of enterprises and employees. Through this physical examination, each employees could know his health conditions fairly well. It facilitated them to timely grasp their own health conditions and relevant health knowledge, boosted the consciousness of prevention and treatment and enhanced the consciousness of individual’s health care and built a safety barrier for subsequent work and heath life.
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