About Dynavolt New Energy Advantages in R&D

Continuous innovation is permanent theme for enterprise development and technical R&D is driving force of innovation.

Top Team

The Company has a R&D technical team consisting of doctors and bachelors from famous universities in China such as Harbin institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, etc. Main research and development personnel have work experience in the battery technology field for more than 10 years. In addition, the Company also hires the leaders in the lithium battery industry in Japan and South Korea as its technical consultants. 

First-class  Equipment

All main equipment of the Company is high-end equipment imported from South Korea and Japan, achieving full-automatic production and online automatic inspection. The Company uses the MES management system to analyze and monitor the production process data to ensure product consistency.

The R&D Center of the Company is establishing the pilot-scale production line, which is mainly used to verify the raw material system of the cylindrical lithium ion battery as well as production and quality control process. Meanwhile, a batch of skilled technicians and on-site engineers are trained and cultivated as reserves of operation and management personnel for automatic production line and technological accumulation of production process and model selection of raw materials.

In addition, the Company has advanced research institute in China and establishes the standard lab for researching and developing the lithium ion battery. Main instruments and equipment are as follows: granulometer, specific surface and porosity analyzer, true density analyzer, advanced liquid density tester, cassette moisture tester, full-automatic potentiometric titrator, electrochemical workstation, various power battery test cabinets, high-low temperature test chamber, acceleration impulse test device, drop test device, Power-driven vibration test device, weight impulse test device, automatic extrusion test device, automatic pin-prick test device, power battery incineration test device and so on. 

Efficient Production Capacity

The Company uses the 200ppm full-automatic intelligent high-speed production equipment which is the most advanced equipment in Japan and South Korea. At present, its production capacity is more than 3 times higher than that of mains 60ppm production line in China. After the construction of phase I of the project, the production capacity will reach 800,000,000Wh high-end lithium battery cells and PACKs each year. The lithium battery PACK technology ensures the standard production of battery cell and the mature production process and high degree of automation strictly control product consistency. In addition, the cylindrical battery cell has higher energy than that of the conventional square battery cell and better power performance. The reject ratio of battery cell is lower than 500PPM. The company pays much attention to "safety, reliability,consistency and stability  ".

The high quality R&D team and advanced scientific research equipment ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental data, achieving rapid research and development in the industry. The continuous launch of excellent new products promotes the Company to take the leading position in the industry of lithium ion battery technology.

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